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Areas of Expertise

We offer access to national and international forensic experts in any area of forensic science that occurs in case work.  The most common topics are listed below.


If you require an expert in an area not listed, we provide assistance with identifying appropriate experts and advice on how to check whether an expert is truly an expert.

Biology, blood patterns + DNA

Biological samples are amongst the most commonly collected from items associated with crime and from crime scenes. Our consultants have...

Scene & Item Re/Examination

Crime scenes, road traffic incident scenes, vehicles, clothing, property – pretty much anything can and has formed part of a forensic...

Trace material

Trace – glass, paint, pollen, fibres, hairs Trace is a termed that applies to a broad range of scientific findings that traditionally...


Cases involving drugs are wide and varied, often relating to criminal cases or insurance claims: Bulk quantities of drugs – weights that...


New Zealand is a world leader in forensic palynology/pollen. The Forensic Group works in conjunction with a top UK forensic science...

Drug driving

Drug Driving & Roadside Impairment Tests New Zealand drug driving law changed in mid 2009 with the changes coming into effect in late...

Alcohol & Toxicology

Alcohol is probably the world’s most socially acceptable drug and its consumption is a significant factor in all types of incidents ranging

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