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How To Instruct Us

Our services are wide, varied and comprehensive and deal with all aspects of forensic evidence, forensic science and general science. They include:

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Scene attendance, item examination

  • Case review: identifying areas of scientific interest, assisting with interpretation of scientific reports, identifying appropriate experts, logistics, funding including Legal Aid

  • Analytical services – arranging analysis and reporting of blood alcohol, DNA, hair, physical and trace material

  • Case management and logistics where multiple experts are involved

  • Scientific advice and reports/documents/Letter of Opinion/Briefs/Affidavits

Our turnaround times are case circumstance-dependent. Once we have all the information or samples we need, we aim for turnaround times of between three days to eight weeks depending on the work to be completed (longer timeframes are required in, for example, complex medical cases or where DNA samples have to be analysed).

Fees vary depending on the case query. We undertake all types of work including Legal Aid, insurance and private.

Presentations & Training

Only through ongoing presentation and education will the importance of thoroughly tested science in the court room be properly understood.


Expert Witnesses are there to provide specialist advice to the courts and beyond – we regularly present seminars and talks to a wide audience, both professional and lay, some of which include:


  • Specialist scientific conferences: such as the Australia and New Zealand Forensic Science Society International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences

  • Lawyers, legal firms, legal conferences and legal training programmes: such as the NZ Bar Association and the Public Defence Service

  • Insurance investigators: such as specialist advice and training to insurance companies for drink/drug driving

  • Non-forensic science conferences for national and international organisations

  • Schools and academic institutes

  • Libraries, groups, clubs and societies

We also conduct training courses to meet client’s specifications and needs.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Analytical Services

We offer access to a range of expert analytical and interpretation services including (but not limited to):


  • Blood samples: alcohol

  • Blood samples: drugs and breakdown products (metabolites)

  • Biological samples: blood screening, DNA collection and analysis (in conjunction with our overseas colleagues)

  • Hair samples: drugs (Family Court, criminal casework)

  • Palynology (pollen and spores) and other plant microfossil investigation

We have an extensive network of international experts, covering a wide area of scientific and forensic expertise. In particular, we offer a range of blood alcohol expert services.

Cost estimate are provided free of charge.


Independent forensic analysis services to support court cases and disputes.

Historical and Complex Cases

about an expert

or case

We specialise in large and/or historical criminal case review, often in conjunction with licensed professional investigators at Zavest Licensed Professional Investigations.


Case re-investigations require assessment from the start of the initial police investigation through to the trials and appeals.  Our work with Zavest allows an integrated approach and comprehensive assessment of the original work in a case, regardless of geographical location of the origin incident or witnesses.


Examples of complex historical cases in which we have been involved include the retrial of David Bain in 2009, assessment of the murder of Susan Burdett and the subsequent release in 2014 of Teina Pora and the 2015 retrial of Mark Lundy.

We were closely involved with the development of Te Kahui Tatari Ture/Criminal Cases Review Commission and its launch in July 2020 are members of the Forensic Science Expert Advisory Panel.

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