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The Forensic Group Ltd is an independent forensic science consultancy based in New Zealand.  We work on the critical principle that expert evidence should be fully, fairly, accurately and transparently reported in accordance with international standards and with recognition of its limitations. First and foremost, the duty of the expert is to the court.

Our services include:

  • Independent review and assessment of expert witness findings and reports
  • Advice about the meaning of expert witness findings in any given case in light of all parties’ accounts of events
  • Sourcing expert witnesses and investigators using our national and international networks including fixed fee service using Form 50
  • Initial medical review service: fixed fee for initial opinion on whether or not it is worthwhile undertaking a full medical review (only available for certain medical cases)
  • Free initial cost estimates.  We only charge for work that is agreed by clients in advance of work being done
  • Form 50 (Legal Aid) assistance and completion
  • Drink driving/blood/breath alcohol calculations and second sample analysis
  • Examination and re-examination of items and scenes
  • Analytical services: DNA and specialist hair follicle testing.  Please note: we do not do single hair sample testing where a single result represents three months or six months of time – see our hair toxicology page for further information.
  • District, High, Family, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Privy Council and Royal Prerogative of Mercy applications
  • Clients include criminal defence lawyers, Public Defence Service, insurance companies, enforcement agencies and private individuals
  • Expert Witness and Forensic Scientist advice, Criminal, Civil, Family, Youth Courts, insurance, general forensic science, forensic science projects, training

What sets us ahead of the rest?

We aim to provide the most comprehensive independent forensic science consultancy to New Zealand and beyond using our national and international working relationships and networks.

All experts and consultants of The Forensic Group are fully trained and qualified with many years’ experience in expert witness work and case investigation. We prepare our reports to a high standard with the NZ High Court Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses as the minimum baseline. We understand the importance of clarity and endeavour to make seemingly complex issues understandable to lay audiences.

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