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Expert Witness & Forensic Science Advice

The Forensic Group Ltd is an independent forensic science consultancy based in New Zealand. We work on the critical principle that expert evidence should be fully, fairly, accurately and transparently reported in accordance with international standards and with recognition of its limitations. First and foremost, the duty of the expert is to the court.


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investigation and forensic science.

What sets us ahead of the rest?

We aim to provide the most comprehensive independent forensic science consultancy to New Zealand and beyond using our national and international working relationships and networks.

All experts and consultants of The Forensic Group are fully trained and qualified with many years’ experience in expert witness work and case investigation. We prepare our reports to a high standard with the NZ High Court Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses as the minimum baseline. We understand the importance of clarity and endeavour to make seemingly complex issues understandable to lay audiences.

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Forensic Science and the Law

A guide for Police, Lawyers and Expert Witnesses explains different aspects of forensic science in a non-technical way to give the non-scientist the tools and starting point to understand the most common forensic science issues raised during the investigation and litigation stages of criminal and traffic proceedings.

Nigel Hampton QC, foreword:

"I was, and still am, of the same mind as the late Sir Peter Williams QC when he expressed, strongly, his “regret that this valuable text book was not earlier available”. Peter, in opining that the first edition of Anna’s book was “the most erudite and comprehensive work of its kind…in New Zealand”, was being (uncharacteristically) reticent.  

The book, especially in this, its second edition, is those things and more.

I was pleased to find that Anna’s book includes a very useful commentary on the need to properly freshly investigate or re-investigate those perplexing, and rightly concerning, claimed miscarriage of justice cases: how to go about such re-investigations, especially after the effluxion of lengthy periods of time; and the prickles and potential pitfalls which may beset the convicted complainer, her or his white knight and the necessary team of involved investigators, forensic scientists and lawyers, trying to turn over and look under old stones long laid and well trodden.


I have long written, and spoken, about the absolute necessity for any lawyer to be properly (i.e. fully) educated in the area of expertise claimed to be at issue in any trial (whether civil or criminal) in which that lawyer is engaged. Anna’s text rightly emphasises such need, and gives the most helpful advice, sources and resources as to how to set about that.


What a godsend."

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