Our services are wide, varied and comprehensive and deal with all aspects of forensic evidence, forensic science and general science. They include:

  • Expert Witnesses
  • Scene attendance, item examination
  • Case review: identifying areas of scientific interest, assisting with interpretation of scientific reports, identifying appropriate experts, logistics, funding including Legal Aid
  • Analytical services – arranging analysis and reporting of blood alcohol, DNA, hair, physical and trace material
  • Case management and logistics where multiple experts are involved
  • Scientific advice and reports/documents/Letter of Opinion/Briefs/Affidavits

Our turnaround times are case circumstance-dependent. Once we have all the information or samples we need, we aim for turnaround times of between three days to eight weeks depending on the work to be completed (longer timeframes are required in, for example, complex medical cases or where DNA samples have to be analysed).

Fees vary depending on the case query. We undertake all types of work including Legal Aid, insurance and private. Contact Us to discuss your particular case.

Independent Expert Witness Services, providing forensic advice and evidence for court cases and disputes.

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