Review of post mortem reports is very common.  Independent forensic pathologists, however, are not.  We have a number of Independent Forensic Pathologists who undertake a wide range of post mortem and pathology work.


Abuse, whether it be sexual, physical and/or child, is a complicated area of expertise.  The number of independent experts is limited in New Zealand by virtue of population size.  Often it will be consideration of the DSAC report plus the Medical Examination Kit that will provide significant information.

Our national and international independent consultants are extremely experienced in forensic work and provide competitively-priced services.

Wounds & Injuries

The need to review information about wounds and injuries arises regularly in all kinds of casework including criminal, civil and insurance.  The amount of information obtained from wounds and injuries is just one area of forensic science that has been adversely affected by the effect of TV programmes and therefore review of wounds and injuries is recommended: the TV is not always correct.

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